Together, we work to ensure that all newcomers are welcome and experience a sense of belonging.

Newcomers generally aim to build a new life as quickly as possible and take control of their destiny. In this process, obtaining up-to-date information from newcomers in an accessible way can be a challenge for municipalities and maintaining an overview of the current offerings of (social) organizations within the municipality.

Our idea? Empower newcomers to take their own steps and relieve municipalities by providing a tool where newcomers can find Dutch contacts, information, activities, and a helpdesk; all in one place. We offer newcomers, along with all the fantastic initiatives in the Netherlands, a motivating platform to gradually build a new life. One place where crucial information is available, activities are booked, and all questions are answered, helping them feel more at home in their new place of residence step by step. Together, we extend a warm welcome to newcomers and enrich Dutch society. Join us in building and download our app!

Newcomers and locals sitting together around a cozy table.

Every newcomer is welcome

How different would the world be if every newcomer was welcome? The entry, reception and integration of newcomers would have been handled in a different way, citizens would behave differently and as Welcome app we would probably not play the role we do now. Welcome is in our name for a reason. Every newcomer is welcome, that is our dream.

Happy newcomers whom we have assisted in their integration process.

Welcome app Netherlands foundation

The Welcome app Netherlands foundation is an ANBI foundation.

The Welcome app foundation used to be Blendin. Since 2020 we have continued as Welcome app. Our goal is to create a platform that offers valuable connections and opportunities for newcomers in a search for a new home. We do this by developing a central platform where municipalities, social initiatives, companies and locals come together to offer relevant and local information and activities.

Chamber of Commerce number: 66011310

Find our impact reports here (in Dutch)

Impact report 2020 Impact report 2021 Impact report 2022 Policy plan ANBI Publication form
The story of newcomers about their successful integration process.


Meet the Welcome app team!

Bashar Albettar

Project Support

"Joining W! is a great opportunity to contribute to its enormous efforts in guiding newcomers to integrate and reach their potential."

Gehad Ghallab

Project Support

"It's challenging to be a newcomer, but thanks to Welcome app that makes me feel grateful and embrace the journey of giving back towards an inclusive and compassionate community, and helping others find the feeling of home again."

Mourad Benali

Sales & Business development (Intern)

"I like to contribute to an inclusive world. W!, the online platform, welcomes newcomers and people from diverse backgrounds and brings them together. A beautiful combination of technology and social impact that helps many people on their way!"

Bohdana Androsiuk

Project Coordinator

"As a newcomer, I understand the importance of being welcomed. I’m happy to be a part of Welcome app and help other newcomers!"  

Cihan Hakyemez

Finance Administrator

"As a senior newcomer, I believe W! has a lot of beneficial and potentially substantial effects on society, like collaboration, integration, involvement, and a sense of belonging…"

Rein de Jong

Marketing & Communication (Intern)

"I believe W! can make a real difference in the world, and it feels good to be part of something that tries to make a difference."

Kamar Marouan

Marketing & Communication (Intern)

"W! enables me to leverage my passion for social impact towards a better world, where newcomers are fully supported and valued. Because I believe that everyone deserves a warm welcome."

Maarten Kappert

Head of Product

"The beauty is: everyone benefits from W! Newcomers can build their new lives more smoothly, municipalities are relieved, and locals can easily engage with the new residents. Ideal!"

Machiel Scholten

Mendix Developer

"I want to make the world with me a bit better than the world without me. That's why I'm grateful to contribute to W! in developing the software that helps newcomers feel at home in the Netherlands."

Nina van den Berg

UX/UI Designer

"In listening carefully to our users, W! provides a platform that truly assists newcomers in their integration process and brings locals and newcomers closer together. It brings me joy to contribute to this!"

Göktuğ Gökçe

Mendix Developer

"W! is more than just technology; it's a dedication to equality and a friendly welcome for newcomers. W! embraced me as a newcomer. I'm honored to be part of this team.''

Christina Hiemstra


"I strongly believe in the power of digital technology - and the Welcome app in particular! - to assist people on their journey and help them build a bright future in their new homeland as quickly as possible."

Ghada Shabaitah

User Engagement Coordinator

"I was a newcomer and I know the importance of a place like W! that gives people the opportunities to be part of the local community with ease and love!"

Nadiia Shevchenko

Project Coordinator

"Newcomers often need a welcoming community, reliable information, and supportive resources to help them navigate their integration journey successfully. And that's exactly what W! provides."

Loes Ansems

Head of Operations & Impact

‘’W! brings ownership, equality and social contact back into the integration process. I am honoured to be able to work on the impact piece by listening carefully and constantly learning.‘’

Carlijn den Boer

Brand & Marketing Manager

‘’I believe we can work better together to welcome and support newcomers to find their place in the Netherlands. The app plays the connecting role in this!‘’

Isabel Lumani

Project Coordinator

‘’Before joining W! I felt powerless when I watched the news. Now I can make a difference and that feels good!‘’

Nahom Berhane

Community Builder

‘’Everyone (including newcomers) should have an equal chance in a diverse world. I contribute to that at Welcome app.‘’

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