Meet the Welcome app community

Meet your new colleagues

Christina Hiemstra


"I strongly believe in the power of digital technology - and the Welcome app in particular! - to assist people on their journey and help them build a bright future in their new homeland as quickly as possible."

Ghada Shabaitah

User Engagement Coordinator

"I was a newcomer and I know the importance of a place like W! that gives people the opportunities to be part of the local community with ease and love!"

Nadiia Shevchenko

Project Coordinator

"Newcomers often need a welcoming community, reliable information, and supportive resources to help them navigate their integration journey successfully. And that's exactly what W! provides."

Loes Ansems

Head of Operations & Impact

‘’W! brings ownership, equality and social contact back into the integration process. I am honoured to be able to work on the impact piece by listening carefully and constantly learning.‘’

Julius Weise


‘’W! approaches everyone from strength and potential and facilitates newcomers to take the steps they deem necessary. Thousands of people can build a new life through our platform. How cool is that?‘’

Tim Grasmaijer

Head of Product

‘’W! uses technology to solve an important social problem. I think it's very cool to make a beautiful app for a special target group.‘’

Carlijn den Boer

Brand Manager

‘’I believe we can work better together to welcome and support newcomers to find their place in the Netherlands. The app plays the connecting role in this!‘’

Isabel Lumani

Project Coordinator

‘’Before joining W! I felt powerless when I watched the news. Now I can make a difference and that feels good!‘’

Roos van Kreij

Project Coordinator

‘’I want to be the voice of those Dutch people who do welcome newcomers with open arms; show how big that group is and how far we can come together!‘’

Margot Albert

Project Coordinator

‘’I work at W! because I want to ensure that the many opportunities for newcomers and the Netherlands are seen and utilized.‘’

Nahom Berhane

Community Builder

‘’Everyone (including newcomers) should have an equal chance in a diverse world. I contribute to that at Welcome app.‘’

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