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We are a platform where newcomers can find valuable connections, opportunities and information in the search for a new home.

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What can I find in the app?


Post, book and find activities

Organizations can post activities on the app and newcomers can book activities.

Find people around

Newcomers can easily get in touch with people and organizations in the neighbourhood.

Learn more about life in the Netherlands

Newcomers get easy access to relevant information.

Support with questions in the app

Our team is available to answer questions about information and activities in the app.

Where can I use the app?

We are currently active in Leiden, Venlo, Dordrecht, Tilburg, and Almere. We offer local activities and information in these cities. Besides that, you can also find national activities in the app.

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    More than 80 organizations in Tilburg already offer their activities for newcomers in the ''Kruikenstad''; from concerts to swimming lessons and from gardening to celebrating carnival together with the locals!
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    In collaboration with local organizations, Welcome app has already organized numerous events in Venlo, such as film nights, an Easter celebration especially for Ukrainians and Dutch language lessons.
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    Leiden is a good example of how newcomers take matters into their own hands and let us know what activities they would like to participate in.
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    Since 2022, we have had a warm collaboration with the municipality of Dordrecht and together we think about how we can work on that newcomers can feel a sense of belonging in their new place of residence.
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    In April 2023 we will go live for our biggest assignment so far: introducing 1500 newcomers - divided over 13 reception locations - to what Almere has to offer!
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    Welcome app in your city?

    Do you like to see Welcome app in a municipality that is not yet on the map? Please contact us at info@welcomeapp.nl.

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