What can I do with Welcome app?

To support newcomers in building a new life, we make networks, activities and information accessible through Welcome app. We cannot do this alone, we do this together as Welcome app, municipalities, organizations, newcomers and locals.
"A yellow background with a cartoon drawing of two newcomers engaging in a conversation, exchanging information."

Meet new people!

Chat with newcomers by answering questions about daily life in the Netherlands.

A yellow background with a cartoon drawing of newcomers booking activities on the Welcome App.

Book an activity

Join an activity in the app! From concert, to swimming lessons, choose from one of the activities from the fourteen categories in the app and connect with new residents in your neighborhood.

Two people connecting during the activities of two organisations toghether.

Organize an activity

Or organize your own activity! This is how we welcome new Dutch citizens together.

Do you have an idea to collaborate with us?

We are always open to suggestions.

Please let us know what's on your mind. Have a question for us? Ask away.