Cheap and sustainable shopping


Clothes, furniture, cutlery, plates, gifts? You name it, and you’ll have it at the thrift store. Thrift shops are shops selling used products. Perfect if you have a small budget but still want to score nice items. There are several thrift shops in Almere.

Recycling stores in Almere

With a wide choice of thrift shops, you’ll never really run out here.

Stichting Kringloop Almere

This thrift shop has a wide range on offer. There are books, items for the home and clothes, but also toys and furniture. It is located at Markerkant, a 23-minute walk from the city centre. Click on ‘route’ to see how to get to this thrift store from your location.

Kringloopwinkel RataPlan Almere

RataPlan actually has 2 thrift shops in Almere. There are also 30 RataPlan shops outside Almere. At RataPlan, you’ll also find a wide range. From bicycles to toys, and from home items to clothes.

Location Almere-Stad

Location Almere-Haven

De Kringloper Almere

De Kringloper has four shops in the Netherlands, one of which is in Almere on Zwenkgrasstraat. The other shops are in Hilversum, Naarden and Weesp. You will find different prices at this thrift shop. From very cheap to just a bit more expensive.

Leeghalen Almere

At Leeghalen you will find not only used products, but also refurbished and repaired products. And all at low prices. The thrift store’s offerings include books, clothes, music and toys.

Ivo’s Kringloop Almere

This is a small but cosy thrift store in the heart of Almere-Stedenwijk. The shop has bicycles, music, toys and furniture, for example.

Tips for second-hand shopping

Sometimes you can get lost in the many second-hand shops. We would like to give you some tips to make your thrift shopping experience the best it can be.

Tip #1

Be prepared. Make a list in advance of the products you need. Are you looking for furniture? Then write down the widths and lengths you need, and bring a tape measure.

Tip #2

Take your time. A thrift store can sometimes be quite impressive. Upon entering, you’ll see bicycles, but also furniture, paintings and cutlery, for example. If you walk quietly through the racks, you are more likely to pick out nice things.

Tip #3

Always check the condition. Check furniture and electronic devices for damage and check clothes for stains. It can happen that products are not in good condition anymore.

Tip #4

Be creative. Products don’t always have to be used for their original purpose. See a nice stool? Then it can also be used as a bedside table. And are you not happy with the colour? Then a bit of paint can do wonders.

Tip #5

Visit the same charity shop more often. The selection can vary a lot, because it depends on what comes in. So one time it can be quite disappointing, while the next time you go home with bags full of new stuff.

Tip #6

Go to several thrift shops. This increases your chances of finding good products! Also, in one thrift store the clothes on offer are better, while another has good toys.

Tip #7

In doubt? Then put the product in your basket anyway. That way, you avoid someone else buying it. At the end of the search, you can then calmly select which products you do and don’t want.

Tip #8

Do you prefer to shop from the comfort of your own home? Then take a look online at Vinted or Marktplaats. You can find treasures here too!

Let’s go!

As you can see: plenty of options to find cheap but nice products in Almere. Besides, shopping at the thrift store is also sustainable. After all, you can give the products a second life. Feel like going out already?