Together with municipalities and hundreds of fantastic initiatives in the Netherlands, we offer newcomers a motivating place to build a new life step by step. One place where you book activities, find connections, ask questions and have relevant information at your fingertips. One place where you can go if you have fled and want to find your place in a new place in a new country.

Together we offer newcomers a warm welcome and we ensure that newcomers feel a little more at home. The app can be downloaded (free) for newcomers, organizations/initiatives and locals.

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Two men (newcomer and local) playing football together as a symbol of connection.

The app has three unique features that make this possible:

Three newcomers happy with the benefits they experience using the Welcome App.


The app has an extensive range of activities from various (local) organizations. These activities are divided into fourteen categories, varying from language, Dutch culture and music, to children’s activities and art. Newcomers and locals can easily book and attend activities.


The app has a chat function where newcomers and locals can communicate with each other. Newcomers can ask questions and locals have the opportunity to comment and start a conversation.


A chat with experts for more complex questions asked by newcomers. Our team is ready to answer these questions and provide support.

The app can be translated into nine different languages, so that we can reach and support a broad group of newcomers.

Where can I use Welcome app?

I live in Almere, Dordrecht, Leiden or Venlo

Hooray, happy days! Since you live in one of these cities, you can download Welcome app and start using it optimally.

I don't live in one of the 4 municipalities

We have a number of nationwide activities on the app. We are also expanding place by place and we would also like to be active in your municipality! Enter your details below if you want to think about how we can start Welcome app in your place of residence.

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Welcome app offers local information and activities so that we can make a positive change locally for newcomers. We work with municipalities, organizations, locals and newcomers to bring all relevant information and activities together in one place. We work together with the municipalities of Almere, Dordrecht, Venlo and Leiden. In addition, there are also national activities to be found in the app.

Is Welcome app not yet active in your municipality and are you interested in starting it up? Fill in your details below and we will contact you!

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We are happy to contact you to discuss this further.