What can I do with Welcome app?

Overview of activities in your neighbourhood

Find and reserve your spot for activities that match your interests. There are activities for everyone: from language or cycling lessons, to a football competition or concert.

Connect with locals

Start a chat with a local and ask a sample question or a question of your choice.

Chat with us

On the app you will find a helpdesk where you can ask questions about the information and activities in the app. Don't hesitate to contact us!

We are here for you

We understand that living in a new country and place can be complicated. We are happy to help you with what you are looking for.

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Experiences of our users

Newcomers who are using the Welcome app


''Through the Welcome app, I got in touch with my language coach. At first it was mainly about receiving help with the language, but nowadays I am in close contact with my language coach and her family. I also visited them during Christmas! Welcome app was key to get to know those people.”


''The app has taught me knowledge in an orderly manner. It is a new and easy way to access relevant information, find answers to my questions and receive support in general.”


'Thanks to W, I can attend events organized specifically for Ukrainians. From language courses to watching historical films about my country. I am grateful to W for the opportunity to learn more about myself and develop in the Netherlands during this difficult time.''


  • What can I do with the app as a newcomer?

    The app has several functions:

    • You can book activities and attend them, for example language lessons, job application training or a social activity. The range of activities is constantly changing.
    • Chat with Dutch people, ask your questions or start a chat
    • Use our help desk for your questions. We don’t have ready-made answers to all questions, but we can help you to take things one step further.
  • How do I find activities in my region?

    Welcome app helps municipalities to make information and activities digitally accessible for newcomers. Welcome app is currently working with the municipalities of Tilburg, Venlo, Leiden, Dordrecht and Almere. This means that many activities in these regions are available in the app. In addition, there are also national activities to be found in the app.

  • What does “local” mean?

    We call Dutch residents locals!

  • How do I ask a question from a local in the app?

    You can use conversation starters in the app. These are questions that are there for you. For instance: “Hi! What do you eat to stay healthy and fit?” In the app you will find several questions that you can use as a first question.

  • Does Welcome app organize activities?

    No, we only offer the platform. Local organizations, companies and individuals are the ones who organize and offer activities through our platform.

  • How can I filter the activities?

    In the calendar of Welcome app you can filter in different ways. You can filter by location, so you can choose your neighborhood or type in your location. You can then search for activities in the app through different categories, such as language, sports, food and Dutch culture.

  • I still cannot find any language activities in my neighborhood. How can I start learning Dutch?

    Welcome app is not (yet) active throughout the Netherlands, so that’s possible! Most local libraries offer free language classes or have language cafes. Try Google to search your local library and find language classes. Additionally you can work on your fluency & network at one of the many Vertel es taalcafés across the country!

  • I would like to work but I don’t know my track yet. Can Welcome app help in finding it?

    Welcome app is not a job finding platform. We usually do not have vacancies in the app. You will find all kinds of activities in the ‘career’ category in the app that you can attend. These are activities such as training programs, workshops and activities that help you to build a professional network.

  • I asked a question but I haven’t received a reaction yet. What should I do?

    Please keep in mind that it sometimes takes a few days to receive an answer. It helps if you start with an easy question, such as: “How do you start your day?”

  • Do I have to pay to use the Welcome app?

    The use of Welcome app is completely free for organizations, newcomers and locals!